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Accessible, actionable analytics to measure the drivers of growth and predict future outcomes.

Consilient is Curious, Connected and  Collaborative 

Curious about what’s happening,  why it’s happening, and what will happen next 

Connected with the forces and movements driving change

Collaborative with a network of innovative partners


Our Passion is Growth 

Growth is led by consumers and their shared content and conversations 

What We Do and Why.

Consilient’s passion is growth. 


Our mission is to apply data strategy, science and services to find your company’s PATH TO GROWTH.


Our methodology applies GROWTH SCIENCE to quantify, forecast and optimize your business drivers. 

Our solutions reject a narrow focus on media and sales to analyze the impact of consumer engagement and experiences on business value.

Today’s Best Practices & Tomorrow’s Next Practices
Initial Brand Health Assessment

While most models limit their analysis to marketing, we first understand the trends in the marketplace, category and consumer culture. 


And then we separate the signals in marketing, brand and consumer engagement from the noise in the marketplace.


Enabling us to scenario plan and predict the strategies that will minimize risks and maximize growth opportunities.

Modeling Sales and Brand, and Accurately Forecasting Business Outcomes

Disentangle the effects of autonomous spending from those driven by brand effects and predict future sales and brand direction.

Identify the risks and opportunities from competition, culture, and course-correct to maintain brand growth.


The Questions We Answer. 

All the consultants, data and technology: where is the growth? 
What are the drivers of our performance in the marketplace today? 
What are the risks and opportunities, and how do we sense and respond to them? 
How can we forecast a path to predictable, sustained growth? 

Growth Planner


Growth Solutions

We create a single view of business drivers to model in one system: 

Marketing Effects

The macro effect of Marketing in the context of the Marketplace, including cultural trends and competitive developments 

Customer Engagement and Experience Effects

The micro effect of all 1:1 activity touching the customer, from engagement with a brand and content, to end-to-end experiences across touch points.  The specific impact of reward and loyalty, and how they should be reconceived for today’s consumers. 

Social Sharing, Content, and Conversational Effects

The macro and micro effects of shared content and conversation among consumers and their communities, analyzing the topics and sentiment shared and relating them to behaviors. 

Media Effects

The contributions that paid media spend and impressions make to business results, isolating campaigns and creativity, promotions and pricing, traditional and digital media, sponsorships and retail activations. 

Rapid Experimentation

 Run hundreds of tests efficiently in days to develop a cycle of continuous improvement with immediate actionability 

Insightful competitive product,

brand and loyalty studies

Business Drivers.

Run driver analysis in days to measure what, who, why and predict impact

On short and long-term business results 

analyzing the impact on behaviors of emotional engagement  

My Story


Trained as left-brain statistician and right-brain social economist


Led services and teams in over 50 markets for leading global brands 


Lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, New York, Seattle and many airlines 


Influenced by practitioners from Claude Hopkins "Scientific Advertising" to Lester Wunderman "Being Direct" 


1. The balance between upper funnel content and price promotion on brand and profitability

2. The impact of competitive marketing on their brand and our performance 


3. The forecast for alternative scenarios based on next 6-month sales and next year’s outlook 

Our Cases

Consumer Goods

1. The impact of brand metrics on shorter and longer-term sales 

2. The cultural and emotional factors affecting all brands in the category


3. The impact of different marketing channels including PR, Sponsorship and Social on brand 


1. The correlation between consumer perceptions of shows with viewership

2. The significance of building engagement and community versus media impressions


3. The power of custom audience segments and targeting based on content and geography 


Our Capabilities 


Audit all marketing activity, budgets, and investments (including internal and vendor labor), and aggregate to build a single strategic CMO level view of marketing portfolio 


Apply statistics and data science to plan alternative business scenarios and their sensitivity to market, competitive and cultural trends, and forecast outcomes 


Connect customer research and online reviews to quantify the impact of marketing, sales, service and operational touchpoints on lifetime value, risks, and growth 


Apply language and image processing to measure the trends in consumer conversations, measure the trends associated with different brands, and measure their short and long-term effects on business outcomes 


Leverage a network of marketing modelers in leading countries and regions to measure effectiveness and trends across markets with a common methodology. 


For DTC and eCommerce marketers: Align budgets, media, creative, pricing, and promotion to deliver revenue growth and enterprise valuation. 

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Call us to Book Your Consilient Workshop.

The Consilient Group will run an interactive workshop with members of your team on the theme of what will happen next, in your industry, to your brand, and your business 


We will discuss...

What are the Best and the Next Practices in Critical Aspects of Your Business


How will the Next Movements in Consumer Context and Culture Affect Your Category 


Why the Next Wave of Technology Will Enable a Radical Simplification of Marketing 


Specific Research and Analytics Insights into What’s Happening Next for your Brand 

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