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Applying Data Science to Optimize the Customer Experience 

 Apply data science to optimize the customer experience, create breakthrough customer value and raise business performance. 

 AI:CX is a new solution applying data science and machine learning to quantify, optimize, predict and action CX strategies and initiatives across the enterprise. The solution is accountable for the delivery of breakthrough improvements in customer value and business performance. AI:CX is an offering from the partnership of Suite CX, a leader in Customer Experience strategy and software, and Consilient Group, an innovator in the applications of data science to marketing, brand and customer engagement. 


The Drivers of the Customer Experience 


The Moments of Truth in the Customer Journey 


Short-time Effectiveness & Customer Lifetime Value


Across All Functions in The Enterprise

 Quantify, optimize, predict and action CX on a single platform 

 Our platform continuously connects behavioral and attitudinal data, combining the insights from research with predictive modeling and machine learning. We track and capture behaviors data from all touch points, from Marketing to Sales, Service and Support. We connect attitudes and responses from surveys, reviews and social media. We create metrics that measure the immediate effectiveness of the company journey and predict customer intent, brand preferences and customer value. 

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Applied CX: A Unified Solution 

To ensure success, the current wave of digital transformation must be redefined through the lens of the customer experience. True transformation of business models enables breakthrough customer experiences informed by predictive analytics rather than relying on lagging indicators such as CSAT and NPS. By integrating behavioral and attitudinal data across touch points and customer activities, APPLIED CX creates a closed loop of continuous learning and improvement based on customer value, and guides all customer interactions across business functions. 

Attribution + Prediction 

Models integrating all marketplace, marketing and media inputs from customer experience to loyalty, social media to PR, events and sales and predicting brand equity, sales and profitability. 

Agility + Rapid ROI

Automation of workflow, data processing, modeling and applications enabling rapid time to implementation, 4 - 6 weeks to first actionable intelligence versus 4 - 6 months with existing solutions. 

Forecasting Accuracy + Learning

Algorithms quantifying effects and delivering forecasting accuracy through the combination of human intuition and machine learning to create a cycle of learning and improvement. 

Content + Behavior

Blending and transforming structured media brand and financial data with unstructured engagement, emotional and topic data to enable behaviors and creativity to be evaluated within a single framework.

How Applied CX Works 

Customer Experience Mapping Software SuiteCX visualizes and evaluates the economic impact of the customer experience ‘as is’ to see where your Moments of Truth actually convert. Applied CX pulls Consilient’s predicted scores into SuiteCX to help you understand and adapt your business strategy; your customer behavior and your touchpoint strategy to predict outcomes. Our modeling helps you fix gaps in your execution through the customer journey and develop a road map for a ’to be’ customer journey backed by data and predicted ROI. 

Predictive Modeling and the Intelligent SaaS app from Consilient links brand and customer experience metrics to business and financial outcomes. Consilient generates a scorecard superseding weak survey-based metrics like NPS with scores that are predictive and actionable. The unique scoring enables the use of existing and available sales, marketing, engagement and success metrics for use in CX environments. 

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For discussion or questions feel free to email Valerie Peck at or Stewart Pearson at

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